Best 5 Online Flower Shops of 2017

Giving flowers is something that humans have done since time immemorial. We do it to mourn the passing of loved ones, to show sympathy and well-wishes, to express our friendship, and to tell of our love and passion. However, you need a little help to send the right flowers – a flower shop makes all READ MORE

5 Flowers with Surprising Meanings

We give flowers for many different things – anniversaries, first dates, second dates, weddings, and more. Most of us choose an arrangement based on how the flowers look and smell, as well as the trappings of the arrangement, in some instances. For example, flowers for a funeral usually come with a stand or planter, while READ MORE

Flower Gifting in Various Cultures

In the United States, we’re used to giving specific flowers for specific reasons. A dozen red roses on Valentine’s Day is a statement of love. Poinsettias are iconic to the Christmas season. Daffodils represent new growth and a fresh start. However, those same flowers that you know and love may have very different meanings in READ MORE

How to Make Fresh Flowers Last Longer

Flowers – they’re incredibly beautiful, put out amazing fragrances, and liven up any room with bold, bright color. The problem with cut flowers, though, is that they eventually die and need to be tossed. While we can draw an object lesson on appreciating the moment from this, there are ways to make fresh flowers last READ MORE

How to Air-Dry Flowers

When most of us think about flowers, we picture living plants, either fresh cut and displayed in a vase, or still growing in a flowerpot or in the ground. However, just because flowers die, that doesn’t mean that they need to be thrown out. In fact, you can air-dry your flowers with a few simple READ MORE

The 5 Reasons Everyone Should Love Flowers

Who doesn’t love to receive a bouquet of vibrant, beautiful flowers? Who isn’t happy when strolling through a flower-filled garden, or in the presence of blooming plants indoors? Flowers add color and brightness to our lives, but they also do a great deal more. Here are five reasons that everyone should love flowers. Lifting Your READ MORE

The History of Flower Arrangement

Flower arrangement, or floral design, has been part and parcel of humanity since the very dawn of time. It’s present in every culture, at every period of history. In fact, there is even evidence to show that Neanderthals used flowers in burials of their dead. However, when did flower arrangement actually begin? Let’s take a READ MORE

The Oldest Known Flowers in the World

Flowers – they’re all around us today. We take flowering plants for granted, actually. Whether they’re flowering trees like cherry and pear trees, flowering shrubs, or flowers grown simply for their beauty, like roses, we live in a world of flowers. However, it wasn’t always like this. There was a point in our planetary past READ MORE

The Rose – Queen of the Flowers

It’s difficult to think of a flower surrounded by more mysticism and romance than the rose. Whether we’re discussing the stunningly beautiful, yet shy wild rose found throughout the world, or the highly cultivated, refined roses preferred for formal gardens, we’re discussing the queen of the flowers. The rose has a long, storied history, and READ MORE